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Under the Code of Alabama, stalking occurs when an individual “intentionally and repeatedly follows, harasses, telephones, or initiates communication, verbally, electronically, or otherwise” with another person, causing that person fear. This definition is extremely broad and covers a wide array of activity.

Stalking crimes can occur by means of communicating in person, over the phone, via mail, via email, via text message, or any other means of communication. Obscene comments, gestures, or other acts of harassment are also considered types of stalking crimes. If there is a Court Order prohibiting such contact and communication, such as a temporary restraining order, protection from abuse order, condition of bond, probation or parole, then the charge can be Aggravated Stalking.

All Aggravated Stalking and most Stalking charges are felony offenses and will result in severe legal penalties, such as incarceration in prison for up to 20 years, and a fine up $30,000. Additionally, a stalking conviction will damage your reputation, put you at odds with your community, complicate personal relationships, and make it difficult for you to find employment, rent or buy a home, and/or apply for a loan.

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