Call a West Alabama Criminal Defense Lawyer

If you are a suspect in a robbery, you should immediately contact an experienced criminal defense attorney, like those at Blume & Blume.  Do not wait until you’ve been arrested.  If a loved one or you have been arrested and charged with robbery, you cannot afford to wait any longer before retaining experienced defense counsel like those at Blume & Blume.

According to Alabama Law, a theft becomes a Robbery with the use of force or threat use of force.  If it is alleged that you are armed with a deadly weapon, the consequences become quiet severe.  A loved one accused of robbery faces imprisonment for decades up to life in prison, sometimes without the possibility of parole!

Do Not Delay in Getting a Northport Criminal Lawyer On Your Side! 

If a loved one or you have been charged with a robbery, you do not have a moment to lose.  Robbery charges are severe and can impact all areas of your life.  You need to be confident that you are doing everything possible to not only protect your current legal rights, but also to defend your future.  A robbery conviction will require you to serve years and possibly the rest of your life in prison.

If you are seeking to lessen the charges against you or avoid penalties altogether, you need the support of a reputable criminal defense lawyer who can uphold your rights to the fullest extent of the law.  An experienced attorney from Blume & Blume will defend your interests in court and work toward avoiding a conviction altogether, or lessening the sanction.

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