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Many people are not aware, but one of the busiest court systems in the state of Alabama is Juvenile Court. The two most hectic dockets in Juvenile court are:

  • Juvenile delinquency prosecution of accused children.
  • Dependency hearings regarding custody of abused and neglected children.

Delinquency Prosecutions of Accused children

When a child under the age of 18 is accused of having committed an act that would be a crime if done by an adult, that is a juvenile delinquency prosecution.  The Alabama Juvenile Justice System operates in a very different manner than the adult court system and not every lawyer is familiar with the best way to defend your child.

Unlike adult cases, a child facing a delinquency prosecution is not entitled to post bail and may not be released until after the case has been concluded.  There is no jury in Juvenile Court; guilt or innocence is determined by a Judge, alone.  Unlike in an adult court where cases may linger for many months or years, court procedures in Juvenile Court move quickly.

In years past “what happened in Juvenile stayed in Juvenile Court.”  That is no longer the case.  There are life-long consequences for a child who has been convicted or adjudicated a delinquent in Juvenile Court.

Do not let your child’s mistake become a burden for him/her for a life time.  At Blume & Blume, our attorneys are known throughout the state as compassionate and zealous representatives of accused children.  As soon as possible after your child has been arrested, steps can be taken by the experienced lawyers at Blume & Blume to lessen the impact and punishment your child faces.

If your child has not yet been arrested, but is a suspect or the target of an investigation, do not delay in contacting the attorneys at Blume & Blume. No child who is the target of an investigation should ever be questioned by law enforcement without representation by an experienced Juvenile Defense Lawyer like those at Blume & Blume.

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Juvenile Court Attorneys in Tuscaloosa, Northport & West Alabama

If it is believed that a child has been abused or neglected, a dependency petition is filed in Juvenile Court which will result in a determination of whether the child remains in the custody of his/her parent(s)/custodian(s) or if custody is removed and placed with another person or a foster home under the Department of Human Resources.

Who can initiate a dependency case?

Any person with knowledge that a child has recently been or is being neglected or abused may initiate a dependency case in Juvenile Court.  Sometimes, these cases are begun by teachers or school counselors.  At other times, healthcare professionals may make the initial report.  Sometimes, a concerned neighbor will be the first to call the matter to the courts attention.  Grandparents, aunts, uncles and other relatives frequently are the ones in a position to raise the issue.

If you are genuinely concerned that a child is being abused or neglected and are interested in seeking custody of that child, the attorneys at Blume & Blume can help you navigate the confusing steps in the Juvenile Court bureaucratic process. You cannot rely upon the court system or over-burdened and under-funded agencies to protect the child about whom you are concerned.  Do not let that child fall through the cracks in the system and become a tragic statistic.  Let the experienced Juvenile Court lawyers at Blume & Blume help you save the child in peril and help you provide her/him with a safe healthy, happy life.

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Grandparent visitation is a subject that often comes up when talking about Juvenile Court matters.  The law concerning grandparent visitation in Alabama is in a state of flux.  The Alabama State Legislature considers new laws about grandparent visitation each time that they convene.  The issue of grandparent visitation is frequently a topic of litigation in Tuscaloosa, Northport and West Alabama.  It has been hotly contested in the highest courts in the U.S. and Alabama.

To evaluate your rights on the subject, you need to talk with a lawyer who is up to date on this constantly evolving legal issue, whether you’re a grandparent seeking visitation or a parent hoping to avoid grandparent visitation.  At Blume & Blume, we constantly monitor the legislative developments and appellate court decisions.

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